Doing What We Say We Are Going To Do Everyday we shall strive to prove that integrity is vital by delivering results, not empty promises. We remain focused on doing what is "right" as we shall interact with our customers, carriers, Principals and co-workers.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will provides reliable, fast, quality Shipping Services for sea and air consolidating operator, FCL and LCL Sea We’ll act as Project , Ship Chartering or break-bulk handling .
“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will grow to the status of Multimodal Transport Operator. This will make “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” eligible to carry the cargo by all modes of transport under its Principal Bill of Lading taking corresponding responsibility of the cargo from place of acceptance to delivery. “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will with its dedicated professionals with in depth knowledge and experience in handling such shipments to high risk countries like Iraq, CIS, Afghanistan & African countries.

We’ll with our sound knowledge in the industry and our highly skilled & well experienced dedicated team will enable us to represent NVOCC agencies Shipping Lines in Bahrain and handling the equipment like our own. In the mean time they’ll be  re-export containers very short time to desired destinations of the Principals and Shipping Lines.

In Future “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS”  will also venturing into establishing and operation of container freight stations across Bahrain.

Insha’Allah, In Near Future “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS”  will have dedicated team to look after customs related work in every port, for both air, sea and land cargo clearance. We’ll includes team trained and experienced personnel will be good working relations with customs officials and well versed with the rules and regulations governing imports and exports into and out of Bahrain, ensuring trouble free and quick documentation clearance.

In Future “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS”  will operates an integrated road transport network for any door-to-door deliveries. With extensive fleet “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS”  caters to the distribution and supply chain needs of international manufacturers, distributors and retailers from a diverse range of industries.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will be pick-up wherever the cargo is ready and deliver It to the destination around the globe. Our worldwide network consoles the world in AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS network. We will provide complete door-to-door services, which includes packing, labeling, warehousing, pick-up and delivery.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” has established record in warehouse design, management and operations. Through providing shared resources and centralized warehousing, “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will enable you to reduce your capital investment, allowing a flexible response to market demands.  Savings can also be made by co-coordinating production runs with no under- or overstocking of inventory.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” undertakes ISO Tank container shipments and will have dedicated team with through knowledge in handling the COC & SOC ISO Tank Containers Shipment. “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will handful experience and specialization in handling Bitutainer’s – containers that are specially designed to carry bitumen cargo.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL” provides a total shipping solutions including chartering/fixing of vessels, which is one of the core jobs. We specialized in handling project cargo.

AL NOOR SHIPPING is primarily identified as logistics associated service providers. We promote all types of transportation by air and sea between UAE and world-wide destinations including RORO Services. cargo from and to any Ports in Bahrain. “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS” will be actively charters ships/cargoes for esteemed clients and associates in Bahrain.

It includes freight that is voluminous, either by weight, size or quantity, or composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL will provide the specialized expertise such as logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination. Our project handling capabilities include:

1) Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate) 2) Full / part charter party’s (air charters, time/ voyage charters) 3) Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift) 4) Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, artificial between deck solution) 5) Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities) 6) Administration (customs clearance, trade documentation)

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL”  is having a strong agent network around the globe and has experience & capability of offering the overseas operations on behalf of the customers in any third country.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL” has professionals team to handle all modes of sea, air and land shipments which includes Bulk Vessel/Break Bulk & Containerized cargo. Less than one roof customer can get all kind of services served with most satisfaction of clients needs.

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL”  facilitates in arranging the insurance coverage from the underwriter for the Export/Import shipments from door to door with using different insurance  companies so the client will be satisfied and Risk Free regarding their value able shipments.                                         

“AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS WLL”  having their Sister Concerned company AL NOOR BRIGHT TRADING SPC has good presence in developing good relationship with different vendors  and clients understanding their trading needs form throughout the World. “AL NOOR SHIPPING & LOGISTICS wll”has  develop good infrastructure facilities and storage capabilities to meet the customer requirement and continuous supply.

AL NOOR SHIPPING established as a Clearing & Forwarding specialists with a specific goal offering a select clientele with a reliable and efficient freight and transportation services.

AL NOOR SHIPPING is primarily identified as logistics associated service providers. We promote all types of transportation by air and sea between UAE and world-wide destinations including RORO Services.